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CEAG Lighting

History of CEAG

The History of CEAG

In 1912 the Home Office, anxious to discover a Lamp which would conform to all safety and performance requirements, inaugurated an International Competition, and prizes to the value of £1000 were offered for the best lamps submitted, the first prize being £600.

The "CEAG" Electric Lamp won the £600, 200 lamps of various makes being submitted.

The remaining £400 was divided amongst other competitors.

By 1919, some 500,000 CEAG lamps were supplied to 300 installations.

Manufacture of Miners Cap Lamps continued upto 2005.

Images from CEAG's past

Factory 1910-1936
Machine Shop 1920 Miners Battery Assembly 1920 Miners Lamp Assembly 1920 Battery Assembly 1920 Machine Shop 1920 Spot welding miners lamp cases 1920 Inspection, light output 1920 Miners Lamp Assembly Blacksmith's Shop 1920 Metal Work Charging Racks 1920 Press Shop 1920 Inspection, miners lamps 1920
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